ACU-PUR is the highest precision rollers coater for the application of liquid polyurethanes adhesives and polyols.

Independent motor on each roller

Each roller benefits from an independent motor allowing a customizable and flexible production. This allows the adhesive application to not suffer from any irregularity in spreading, together with a higher precision and constancy about grammage.

Additionally, it enables a low noise level and a low maintenance level.

Independent speed on each roller

The HGS-RC and ACU-PUR Glue Spreaders allow to personalize the speed rotation on each roller. It enables production to work on a wide range of different substrates by customizing the application and gluing speed.

This possibility is also available as option onto the other high-end models.

Self-adjusting pneumatic system on the lateral glue sealing plates.

The pneumatic system of the lateral glue sealing plates onto the HGS, HGS-RC and ACU-PUR machines is self-adjusting. These Glue-Spreaders don't require an operator to adjust the lateral plates manually. It allows time saving but, above all, it is more comfortable for working, with the additional assurance to avoid any human error. This system is a clever and advanced solution available on these models of Glue Spreader and clearly improves the daily work on this type of machine.

Digital Display on high-end models

Digital display are always present onto our high-end Glue Spreaders machinery, and sometimes, when requested, even on the low-end models, depending of the options chosen.

Standard configuration

  • Top side glue application
  • Independent motor on each roller
  • Exclusive controlled pneumatic glue sealing system
  • Adhesive temperature conditioned and controlled
  • Data monitoring and diagnostic with digital display
  • Motorized thickness adjustment
  • Safety opening among rollers

Main options

  • Double side spreading
  • Automatic glue dosing
  • “Active” glue distribution
  • Programmed glue application
  • Remote servicing / communication devices
  • Glue Feeding and Conditioning devices
  • Wheels for displacement

Other options on request.

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Added Value

  • High precision glue application
  • Designed to work continuously 24/24h
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Highest safety cleaning

Working width

  • 1,600 mm
  • 1,900 mm
  • 2,100 mm
  • Other sizes on request.


  • Up to 150 mm

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