Protective film laminator with manual cut


Protective film laminator with automatic cut

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Protective film laminator with high precision automatic cut

We produce our protective film laminators under the brand name WALCO® powered by Novacel®.

Our high performance machines allow easy and fast lamination, wrinkles-free and bubbles-free for any size and any flat surface.

They can be used both in a production line or as a standalone unit. Equipped with manual or automatic cutting technology, they can be adapted to any budget and production volume.

What is an Industrial Rollers Laminator?

An Industrial lamination machine is used when a material in roll has to be applied on a flat surface.

Different Laminators are used depending if the material in roll is:

  • A decorative one (paper, CPL, PVC, etc.), to be applied on a panel just coming out from a glue spreader.
  • Or a self-adhesive one (protective film) to be applied on already finished, clean and dry surfaces as protection during next machining, final protection, stacking, delivery, etc.

In both cases, application will be perfect, without bubbles or imperfections and without harming the surface.

Film laminators can be used for glass, plastic, metal and wood among other materials. OMMA is also part of the NOVACEL group, the world leader in protective film: Novacel Protective, Novacel Lownoise, Novacel Safety Films, Novacel Deepblue, Novacel Forglass, Novacel Skinfit, etc. but OMMA laminators are suited for the most part of the films on the market.

OMMA can offer a suitable model and configuration, depending of your needs:

  • Material  to laminate (decorative, or self-adhesive film);
  • In different widths;
  • For small, medium or high productions;
  • More or less sophisticated, accordingly with the materials used, the specific requirements and process in general;
  • Etc.

For which markets? 

Our Industrial Laminators are mainly used in the following industries: