Complete lines, transport and handling devices

OMMA also helps you in the automation of your plant, providing a complete range of integration devices for transport and handling, or realizing complete gluing and laminating lines, from loading to unloading.

Automation allows you to increase productivity by optimizing work cycles and maintaining the highest levels of quality. Each production line will be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer and facilitate the working conditions of the operators.

How can complete lines or transport and handling devices help production?

Complete lines of gluing, lamination and protection allow automating production and optimizing its rate, while maintaining quality. Each production line is personalized and answers the customer’s specific needs. Conveyors and handling devices connect all machines to create an automated process.

Operators no longer have to manually lift materials: rollers conveyors, lifting tables, automatic handling, robotic arms, etc… Everything has been thought through to increase productivity and ease the working conditions of OMMA’s partner businesses. 

For which markets? 

Integrations for complete lines, transport and handling systems are mainly used in the following industries: 

  • Wood
  • Other, where transport and handling of panels is involved.