Pressing units


Continuous roller press unit

In modern gluing processes with hot-melt and specifically reactive polyurethane adhesives (HMPUR), the roller press is an excellent substitute for more expensive and bulky flat-bed presses.

Wherever is possible, this kind of pressing system allows a continuous production, without the inevitable stops due to the curing time of water based glues, and avoid volatile emission of solvent-based adhesive with great benefits in optimization, timing-working and ambient respect.

What is a Pressing Unit? 

Industrial Rollers Presses are used in a production process to fix together different layers previously glued, by means of pressure when passing through.

If needed, many rollers presses can be used in sequence, to allow a better and longer pressing action.

Main advantage is that pressing is applied in continuous, without stopping and this clearly increases productivity and optimizes output.

OMMA can offer a suitable model and configuration, depending of your needs:

  • In different widths;
  • For small, medium, or high productions;
  • More or less sophisticated, accordingly with the materials used, the specific requirements and process in general;
  • Etc.

For which markets? 

OMMA pressing units are mainly used in the following industries: 

  • Wood
  • Other, where continuous pressing of previously bonded materials is required.