Eco-responsible machines

Eco-responsible machines

OMMA is committed for environmental protection. We design and build machines that improve your productivity and protect the planet in addition to your budget.

Built with superior quality materials mostly of steel ensure long life, and are almost 100% recyclable.

Their high-energy efficiency, thanks to premium electromechanical components enable operation with a reduced energy demand.

We also offer you to update your machines directly in your premises to increase their life span by improving their production capacity and implementing new technologies.

At the end of their life, OMMA can offer a trade-in service to recondition them and give them a second opportunity on the second-hand market. Any machine that cannot be reconditioned will be recycled. Reconditioning is at the heart of the circular economy. It meets a real social challenge of transition to a more reasonable mode of production and consumption

We also offer on-site upgrade services to increase durability, improve production capacity and implement new technologies.