Panel cleaning systems


Double side brushing machine

Cleaning process is adapted to any type of flat surface:

  • On raw panels, before the following gluing process. Pieces brushing process is more than important, to avoid adhesive contamination from dust and residuals coming from previous workings and to grant the  finishing surface defect-free.
  • On already finished, pre-finished, painted or coated surfaces:

- to eliminate the possibility of contamination for next operations like application of protective foil, stacking or final packaging.

- before application of self-adhesive protective films.

  • Every time is strictly necessary an accurate cleaning of the surfaces.

What is a panel cleaner?

I’s a cleaning machine equipped with transversal brushes, allowing removing dust, residuals, and clean surfaces at different stages of a production process:

  • Before glue application, to avoid contamination of glue and transport rollers of the glue spreader.
  • Before the final stacking, to avoid possible damages of the finished surfaces.
  • Before applying self-adhesive protective films, to eliminate all sorts of particles off flat surfaces in order to obtain a perfect adherence.

OMMA can offer a suitable model and configuration, depending of your needs:

  • In different widths;
  • For small, medium or high productions;
  • More or less sophisticated, accordingly with the materials used, the specific requirements and process in general;
  • Etc.

For which markets?

The Panel cleaner is mainly used in the following industries: