OPEN model represents the “state of the art” of glue spreaders for water based adhesives with an extreme manufacturing customization.

New option: Automatic High Pressure cleaning device

Independent motor on each roller

Each roller benefits from an independent motor allowing a customizable and flexible production. This allows the adhesive application to not suffer from any irregularity in spreading, together with a higher precision and constancy about grammage.

Additionally, it enables a low noise level and a low maintenance level.

"Pressure free" glue sealing plates

OPEN Glue Spreaders models benefit from this innovative and simple system that reduces outstandingly the wearing of the sealing plates, prolonging significantly their duration.

Digital Display on high-end models

Digital display are always present onto our high-end Glue Spreaders machinery, and sometimes, when requested, even on the low-end models, depending of the options chosen.

Standard configuration

  • Spreading rolls rubber covered with grooved surface
  • Hard rubber coated dosing rollers
  • Safety opening among all rollers
  • Independent motor on each roller
  • Double motorized outfeed panel shaft with discs
  • Manual thickness adjustment
  • Fix working speed
  • Pressure free glue sealing plates

Main options

Other options on request.

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Added Value

  • Highest safety cleaning
  • High precision glue application
  • Wide customization possibilities

Working width

  • From 1,400 to 3,600 mm


  • Up to 80 mm

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