Discover our HGS-RC, for Hot Melt adhesives!

Discover our HGS-RC, for Hot Melt adhesives!

HGS-RC is the OMMA glue spreader allowing the best Hot-Melt adhesives coating, running both in-line or as a stand-alone equipment.

Available for top side application, it is equipped with a spreader and a dosing roller both in steel, for the best uniformity of application and longest duration.

Glue “mirror” finishing is obtained thanks to an additional chromed roller that eliminates the “peel of orange” effect, making the surface of the adhesive smoother and more flat, for the best final result.

On the lower side, rubberized rollers made of contrasting silicone have the function of compensating small differences in thickness and ensuring the best traction during application.

All top rollers are independently heated and motorized and can be individually adjusted and controlled.

OMMA HGS-RC can be equipped with additional options, depending on your application and materials.

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