Meet Adrien D'ARPINO, our new Marketing officer & Business Developer!

Meet Adrien D'ARPINO, our new Marketing officer & Business Developer!

Adrien D’ARPINO joined Novacel in April 2023 as a Marketing Officer & Business Developer. He will be located in OMMA, in the city of Limbiate, Italy, a Novacel subsidiary that manufactures and markets industrial roller machines, including laminating machines under the brand name Walco powered by Novacel gluing machines, brushing machines, calendering machines and a range of other accessories for the production of complete gluing and laminating lines.

Freshly graduated from a Master in Management and marketing at Essca Business School, Adrien D’ARPINO has chosen the Novacel group to start his career. He shares with us his first impressions, his role and his objectives within Novacel's Machine activity.

Could you tell me about yourself and describe your background?

Adrien D'ARPINO :  My name is Adrien, I am 24 years old and I was born in Paris, France. After high school, I joined the University of Paris-Saclay within the “IUT de Sceaux” to deepen marketing techniques. I did a two-year degree in business administration that allowed me to obtain a knowledge base on operational, strategic marketing.

With two sales and marketing experiences, especially in the Richemont luxury group as a Junior Strategic Planner, I decided to continue my academic career in business and in particular in marketing in Essca Business school.

The school gave me the opportunity to do an Erasmus semester in Budapest, Hungary. This experience was very interesting because it opened my mind to the possibilities abroad.

During my Master 1, I did my first long internship at AClsanté as a marketing assistant. I was in charge of the brand repositioning as well as the management of the website. Then, in the last year, I joined Nissan France as an assistant product manager in the after-sales department, where I worked in support of the commercial team, performing sales analysis and providing them tools to help with sales.

What will be your role in the Novacel group?

Adrien D'ARPINO : I am joining NSM, Novacel Special Machines. My role within Novacel will be to support the development of the machine business through marketing, sales and market analysis.

My first responsibility will be to manage Walco’s and Omma’s advertising and communication actions including the management of our websites and the social networks.
In order to constantly develop our product lines and answer to new demands, I will have to monitor the markets of the machinery sector, to detect new needs developing.

In order to support the sales department and the main heads of sectors, I will provide them support and tools presenting the NSM activities within the Novacel group.
One of the key responsibility of this role is to organize and participate to professional fairs or exhibitions. These events are essential to demonstrate our knowhow and professionalism.

Finally, I am in charge of the analysis and the forecast of NSM’s sales.

Why did you choose Novacel and in particular this market?

Adrien D'ARPINO :  I decided to join the Novacel group for its international dimension. Indeed, after graduating, I wanted to grow professionally and individually by exposing myself to a new industry, and live in a new country. Discovering the culture, the way of living/working is part of a growing process. Since my Erasmus experience, working internationally had become a personal ambition. 

On the other hand, I felt a real desire from the Novacel group to develop its machinery business. This project, which has now been in place for more than five years, is completing the solutions offered by the group. An action plan and a concrete vision have been established. I am proud of being part of this project

The position of development officer at Novacel will allow me to have a key role in the evolution of the Novacel Special Machines division.

What are your ambitions and how do you want to grow during this experience?

Adrien D'ARPINO :  First, adapt as quickly as possible to this new environment. It is essential to understand the organization of the Novacel Group and the special machinery market. Secondly, I want to continue to develop my marketing skills by working with the experts of the group and with each entity.

My ultimate goal is to succeed, in collaboration with all my partners, in positioning the Novacel Group as an essential and key player in the special machines market.

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