Complete gluing and laminating lines

OMMA realizes complete lines for gluing, laminating and protection, based on specific customer’s exigencies.

The best way to improve productivity

OMMA, specialist in lamination machinery, glue spreader rollers and brush cleaning machines can offer you a complete production line to save time, effort and money! Excellent way to gain in productivity, our lines gather all the machines necessary to prepare your finished products from A to Z.

Complete your equipment with our lamination machinery

In addition to glue spreaders as well as feeding and conditioning devices, Omma offers lamination machinery. Once your product is assembled, you can directly protect it with a self-adhesive laminating film roll to avoid damages during the production or the transportation!

OMMA's "global vision" on this applications becomes simpler to find and suggest the suitable solution, considering productive and financial expectations.

Deep knowledge in roll application processes and natural evolution on experiencing through many working years, determines and solves main problems since starting project, finds the best integration with automation and necessary handling equipment, optimizes sequences and precision of positioning, helping test and installation phases and becoming the plant basically more reliable.

Depending on adhesive used, dimensions, type of materials and product to obtain, OMMA is able to realize semiautomatic or full automatic lines, starting from loading of different elements, passing through composition, up to the unloading.

In the lines with higher automation also electronic programming, system’s heart, is OMMA managed, giving to the plant the right sophistication and control level; moreover is possible supply a really fast help to the client using remote web connection for assistance and diagnostic.

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