When PVA or Polyurethane liquid glue are used, OMMA has the solution respecting customer demands and glue’s particularities.

Appropriate level sensors mounted between rollers detect glue lack and generate a signal to allow fresh glue feeing. Glue is taken-out from the customer storage tanks and transferred to the rollers coater through pipes; when ideal glue level is reached, feeding is stopped. System can be equipped with pressure control, programmable feeding time-out and integrate also on existing equipment.

Automate production & gain productivity!

This device allows you to avoid human intervention in manual glue feeding, and optimize your roller coater glue spreaders productivity thanks to automation. You save time, effort and money!

MGF: no more lack of glue!

MGF, the Mono-component glue feeding unit from OMMA allows you to avoid manual glue feeding that could slow down your production. The system automatically detects the glue level and feed accordingly the roller glue spreader.

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