Meet Thomas Lambotin, our new Marketing & Sales Developer!

Meet Thomas Lambotin, our new Marketing & Sales Developer!

Thomas Lambotin joined Novacel in October 2021 as Marketing & Sales Developer. He will be located in OMMA, in the city of Limbiate, Italy, a Novacel subsidiary that manufactures and markets industrial roller machines, including laminating machines under the brand name WALCO® powered by Novacel®, gluing machines, brushing machines, calendering machines and a range of other aggregates for the production of complete gluing and laminating lines.

Freshly graduated from an MsC in Business Engineering at the Kedge Toulon business school, Thomas Lambotin chose the Novacel group to start his professional life. He shares with us his first impressions, his role and his objectives within Novacel's Machine activity.

Hello and welcome Thomas. Can you present us your background in a few words: studies, previous job(s), achievements, etc.?

Thomas Lambotin: My name is Thomas, I am 23 and I was born in Nice, France. After high school, I entered the Nice Côte d'Azur University to study Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization. This allowed me to have a concrete approach of the world of industry and its jobs.

I then decided to join Kedge Business School to do an MSc (Master of Science) degree in Business Engineering in order to obtain marketing, sales and managerial skills to complement my technical profile.

This MSc’s degree allowed me to go on an Erasmus semester at the Polytechnic University of Łódź in Poland and study Business Engineering there. It was precisely this experience that made me want to go abroad to start my professional career after graduation.

I completed my MSc degree in a work-study program with the company Schneider Electric, in which I held a position as a Marketing Assistant for 2 years, working on a project to create digital offers for industrial machines.

What will be your roles and activities within Novacel?

Thomas Lambotin: Within Novacel's Machinery activity, my main role will be to develop the company's business through marketing and sales-related actions.

On the marketing side, I will be in charge of the development and optimization of OMMA's website, as well as its communication and presence on social networks. I will also play a role in the organization and execution of trade shows and events, and will conduct competitive and market research.

On the Sales side, I will be involved in the development of CRM processes, in the prospecting of clients and in the research of new markets and opportunities for the company.

All these actions will have the common goal of developing the company's growth and increasing its visibility.

Why did you choose to join the Novacel group and its Machinery activity?

Thomas Lambotin: I chose to join Novacel and its machine activity firstly for its international dimension. Indeed, my Erasmus experience made me want to work abroad in an international company. It is a challenge that will allow me to leave my comfort zone and to develop quickly both personally and professionally. Moreover, the position is located in Italy, a country that I particularly like and for which it is important to me to learn the language.

The second reason why I joined the Novacel group is its human, ethical and innovative values, with a strong desire to grow and develop new markets. I personally identify with these values.

Finally, the position of Marketing & Sales Developer will allow me to have a key role within Novacel's Machinery business. It is a position that offers both a certain responsibility and creativity. It is exciting to imagine a business growing because of your actions.

What are your objectives in this new company?

Thomas Lambotin: In the short term, my objectives are to integrate quickly into a large industrial group with an international context, by evolving in a country that is not my own. I would like to develop my marketing and sales skills in order to become an expert in these fields. 

My long-term goal is to make myself indispensable to the company and to become a major player in the development of its activities.

If you had to describe the company in a few words?

Thomas Lambotin: If I had to choose only three words, I would choose the following:

  • Innovative, for the company's ability to innovate to consolidate markets or conquer new ones.
  • Passionate, for its strong experience and its will to excel in all its activities.
  • Human, for its family atmosphere despite its international dimension.

What do you expect from this new professional adventure?

Thomas Lambotin: I expect this professional adventure to be a company that makes me want to get up every morning and give the best of myself with the objective of making a place for myself in this company, and to participate actively in its growth.

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