New automatic High Pressure clean-up system for Glue Spreaders

New automatic High Pressure clean-up system for Glue Spreaders

What if you could clean your glue spreader faster, more efficiently and with less water consumption?

While generally a time-consuming and complex task, cleaning your rollers is a necessary step to guarantee the best spreading quality on your panels, as well as allowing the maximum durability of your rollers.

Indeed, once dry, the adhesive becomes very difficult to clean and can damage your spreading and dosing rollers.

To facilitate the cleaning process, OMMA now offers its innovative new automatic roll High Pressure clean-up system to guarantee the best results in record time: less than 5 minutes!

No more need to brush the rollers while spraying water. The High Pressure hot water penetrates even into the smallest grooves and allows a quick and complete dissolution of water-based glues.

Once the program activated via the digital display, the OMMA automatic cleaning system cleans the rollers by spraying water in a pre-set series of forward and reverse cycles.

The jets move automatically along the rollers and spray the water uniformly their surface.

Wastewater and residue produced during the process fall down and are collected into the drain tank.

This option is currently available for OPEN model, the OMMA high-end water based glue spreader.

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