ACU-PUR is the highest precision rollers coater for the application of liquid polyurethanes adhesives and polyols.

Main structure is CNC worked starting from monolithic stabilized steel plates; motorization is individual from each roller and speed adjustment is independent on application and dosing rollers.

A unique feature of the machine allow linear opening of dosing rollers up to 80 mm., an opening gap between application rollers of 150 mm. for the safest operation during daily cleaning.

Rollers are heavy duty construction with mirror finishing and individual quality certification; precision roll coater have been designed to work continuously 24/24h on high-end strategical markets like aeronautic, automotive, electronics and more.

ACU-PUR adopt an exclusive controlled pneumatic urethane sealing system to prevent accidental material lost; adhesive can be temperature conditioned and controlled.

Precision roll coater is controlled trough PLC and all data like speed, rollers gap, temperatures, status, alerts are visualized and monitored on HMI; a diagnostic system, support operator in any moment and store essential equipment data.

Additional controls and features are available like rollers parallelism, automatic glue dosing, active glue distribution, programmed glue application, remote service and digital communication with other Customer equipment’s.

ACU-PUR is available as standard in 3 widths: 1.6, 1.9 and 2.1 M; on request special width and configuration.
Precision rollers coater is available for single side dispensing (top or bottom) and for double side spreading.
It can be equipped with automatic mono component glue feeder MGF, cooling device CRIO, heating unit HCU

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