Glue spreader with 4 Rollers, OMMA’s GS model is the natural change to obtain superior quality in water base gluing operations.

In fact, the right quantity of glue applied is assured by dosing rollers, that work close to the spreading rolls with different speed in order to grant a constant uniformity of spreading. Rollers are rubber coated and spreading ones are normally grooved.

Spreading rollers standard grooving, as for all OMMA spreaders, can be modified according to the customer necessities. The GS has double motorization; one for each group of dosing and spreading rollers. The amount of glue is adjusted approaching and distancing the dosing roller position to its correspondent spreading roller.

The GS are four rollers glue spreaders with universal and general purpose with a very good quality/price ratio in OMMA range. They are solid machines with high reliability and a heavy duty  predisposition.

It can be equipped with MIXER (automatic device to feed multi-component glues) or with automatic mono component glue feeder MGF. It can be also cooled with device CRIO, by means a specific predisposition of the rollers.

The GS is produced in standard width 1.400 and 1.700 mm.

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