HGS is the specific model OMMA developed for Hot Melt adhesive application.

It’s a three or four rollers machine that allows spreading on single side (top or bottom) or double side of flat surfaces.

All the rolls are independently heated and motorized. Spreading rollers compound can be rubber, or steel; Dosing rollers are in steel chrome plated.

Rollers are  internally heated with thermo-oil and temperature can be individually adjusted and controlled. A pneumatic system hold Teflon plates in touch with rollers end sides to guarantee a confinement of the glue; sealing plates can have easily extracted and cleaned.

It's equipped with security protection, hoods for connection to the air aspiration system, motorised thickness control and electronic variable speed.

Appropriate handwheels with gravity index glue dosing indicators measure the distance between dosing and spreading roll for a fine adjustment and repetition of the glue applied. The electric cabinet contains some digital displays and manage all functions of the machine.

On customer request, HGS can be optionally equipped with:

  • Drum or tank glue melter with relative glue level sensors;
  • wheel on track for equipment extraction from line - simple and safe cleaning operation;
  • Teflon coated infeed plan and outfeed grids;
  • Driven Infeed and outfeed rollers for short panels;
  • Automatic thickness control;
  • Other options on request;
  • Standard nominal widths are 1.400, 1.700 and 2.100 mm, OMMA is able to customize hot-melt coater in accordance with customer needs;
  • For recreational vehicles OMMA normally produces Hot Melt rolls coater (especially for caravan industry) with working width over 3.000  mm.

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