Have been designed with the aim to achieve the best spreading quality, HGS-RC of OMMA is indicated when are required applications of very thin Hi-Gloss or Super-Mat decorative materials, on top side of flat panels.

Furniture components manufacturers use more and more very thin and cost wise excellent decorative materials with extremely good decor that are very sensitive to glue application.

For the above reason panels and glue surfaces need to be really “smooth”, like a mirror to maintain the quality of the foil-décor.

HGS-RC is the hot-melt coater suitable for the mentioned purpose and with the following main features:

  • Independent motors;
  • Independent rollers heating;
  • Motorized thickness adjustment;
  • Driven transport rollers with anti-adhesive coating;
  • Additional glue finishing section;
  • Electronic speed adjustment on each roller and on transport rollers.

For the HGS-RC is foreseen a standard width of 1.400mm; customization has to be check with Technical Department.

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