OPEN model represents the “state of the art” of glue spreaders for water based adhesives with an extreme manufacturing customization.

Safety is the priority on this model;  distance between all rollers during cleaning is minimum 80mm, for a safe operation and a wired hand control allow step rollers rotation. 

Independent motor on each roller to grant a perfect spreading quality, great precision of application, vibration free with an extremely solid and sturdy structure.

This machine include all technical best features and can be easily equipped, as options, with automatic rollers cleaning, automatic glue dosing, thickness servo-positioning, automatic line extraction, remote servicing any many, many additional key features.

Additionally, OPEN can be equipped with communication devices for an easy integration on high-performance project  and accessories to support operator on daily production. 

Dosing and spreading rolls are rubber covered with grinded surface; spreading rollers finishing can be smooth or with grooves that may be configured in accordance with customer needs.

Standard equipment includes a double motorized outfeed panel shaft with discs, to help extraction of short panels, different component in stainless  and pressure free glue sealing plate.

It can be equipped with MIXER (automatic device to feed multi-component glues) or with automatic mono component glue feeder MGF. It can be also cooled with device CRIO, by means a specific predisposition of the rollers.

OPEN working widths start from 1.400 up to 2.200mm.; from this dimensions up to 3.600mm, structure of the machine and components size, change.

OPEN can be configured for different types of glues: polyurethane, melaminic, phenolic.   

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