OMMA’s PRO-J laminator is a machine suitable for important productions equipped with automatic film cut.

PRO-J laminator has an automatic cut, it’s extremely flexible and easy to use.

Standard configuration include: 

  • Top protective film application;
  • Automatic film cutting device;
  • Supply top shaft complete with adjustable brake assembly for film tension;
  • Rolls laminators covered with anti-adhesive rubber;
  • Free infeed rollers;
  • Motorised outfeed rollers;
  • Adjustable alignment guides;
  • Electronic variable speed;
  • Digital display;
  • Functions and programming managed by PLC.

The PRO-J can be equipped with:

  • Double side lamination;
  • Longitudinal cut;
  • Rotary carousel with 4 rolls;
  • Wheels on track;
  • Motorised thickness adjustment;
  • Other fittings on request.

OMMA’s laminators can be installed as standalone units (off-line) or in-line,  inside automatic production lines.

According to its use PRO-J is supplied with:

  • Fly film cut (pieces are not stopped during trimming) TV version;
  • Longitudinal film cut with automatic rewind of film excess;
  • Double side film application;
  • Rotary carousel able to simultaneously store up to 4 different films rolls;
  • Rollers heating;
  • Motorized take-up unit of the release paper;
  • Other options for customer process optimization.

Standard widths are 1.400, 1.600 and 1.800mm. With sizes over 1.800 mm., structure and rollers change accordingly to guarantee optimal film application; laminator with width up to 3.400mm have been successfully realized.

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