The double side OMMA SPX brushing cleaning machine achieves a new highest cleaning standard, both on raw and finished surfaces.

Standard configuration

  • High efficiency transversal brushes
  • Independent motorization on each brush and carrying
  • Brushes re-positioning system to compensate wearing
  • Micro-adjustable sprayers on the brushes to remove smallest particles
  • Hoods for connection to the air aspiration
  • Variable speed

Main options

  • Motorized and lowerable rolls connection to the glue spreader
  • Side panel edges cleaning
  • Motorized thickness adjustment
  • Wheels for displacement

Other options on request.

"Sword" cleaning brush, as aggregate for integration on existing conveyors.

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Why should you use a brushing cleaning machine?

Our SPX brushing cleaning machine allows you to remove all kinds of impurities deposited on your surfaces before carrying out other operations such as the gluing process with a roller coater or the application of a protective film with an industrial laminator. This way, you will benefit from a better adhesion of the coated surface and a better aesthetic result.

A perfect cleaning with our SPX brushing machine

Dust, wood particles and similar... The environment in which you work can bring a lot of residues to your surfaces. By using our SPX brushing cleaning machine, you guarantee that your surfaces will be free of any deposited impurities, which will allow a better surface finishing.

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Added Value

  • Easy use
  • High efficiency cleaning on various materials

Working width

  • 1,400 up to 2,400 mm


  • Up to 150 mm

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