The double side OMMA SPX brushing cleaning machine achieves the new, highest cleaning standard, especially onto finished and pre-finished surfaces.

Extremely flexible machine and suitable for dust cleaning treatment of every kind of flat surface, the SPX is effectively employed:

On raw panels, before the following gluing process. Pieces brushing process is more than important, to avoid adhesive contamination from dust and residuals coming from previous workings and to grant the  finishing surface defect-free.

On already finished, pre-finished, painted or coated surfaces, to eliminate the possibility of contamination for next operations like application of protective foil, stacking or final packaging.

Every time is strictly necessary an accurate cleaning of the surfaces.

Main characteristics of the SPX are:

  • High efficiency transversal brushing system;
  • Brushes re-positioning device to compensate wear and tear;
  • Micro-adjustable special humidification system for the brushes, able to remove the smallest particles;
  • Additional mechanic removing system onto the brushes;
  • Top & bottom hoods for connection with suction plant;
  • Infeed and outfeed motorised rollers;
  • Thickness compensation device onto the transport rollers;
  • Double independent motorization for brushes and carrying;
  • Adjustable working speed with inverter;
  • Self adjustment device to the line speed;
  • Safety stop in case a thicker panel is introduced into cleaning unit;
  • Electric system based on high quality components;
  • Safety protections according to CE norms.

On request, the SPX can be equipped with:

  • Motorized and lowerable rolls connection to the glue spreader;
  • Wheels for track;
  • Cleaning device for thin plates (like HPL laminate);
  • Side panel  edges cleaning;
  • Motorized thickness adjustment with digital display;
  • Special cleaning brushes;
  • Other options on request;
  • Cleaning group is also available as aggregate (Sword brush) for integration on existing conveyors.

The SPX is produced in standard dimensions of 1.400 and 1.700mm and, on request, OMMA realizes customized widths.

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