XPR from OMMA reaches unexpected potentialities regarding this specific system of continuous pressing that in many case may replace traditional processes.

With today’s gluing processes based on Hot Melt glues, in particular with reactive polyurethane (HMPUR), a rollers press efficiently replaces outdated static system with enormous advantages in productivity, capita, space and quality.

Wherever is possible, this kind of pressing system allows a continuous production, without the inevitable stops due to the curing time of water based glues, and avoid volatile emission of solvent-based adhesive with enormous advantages in optimization, timing-working and ambient respect.

Sturdy, concrete, with a strong mechanical pressing strength and suitable control systems, XPR increases application possibilities of bonding processes with thermo-active glues.

The great constructive solidity of the XPR is accompanied by other characteristics:

  • Independent motors on each pressing roller the best precision in rotation without vibration and troubling noises;
  • Pressing rollers covered with suitable elastomer or steel finishing;
  • Electronic variable speed;
  • Parallelism adjustment between rollers;
  • Electric system based on high quality components;
  • Safety and protection devices in according to CE norms.

On request, XPR roller press can be equipped with:

  • Motorised thickness adjustment;
  • Wheels on track;
  • Conditioned pressing rollers;
  • Unwinders for reels;
  • Automatic transversal cut of the material in reel applied;
  • Automatic repositioning system of foil after cut;
  • Other options, on request.

The XPR is produced in standard dimensions of 1.400 and 1.700mm but, on request, OMMA realizes it in configuration and width demanded by the customer up to 3.500mm.

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