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Assemble through gluing process, components for car interiors such as headliners, door panels, parcel shelf or floors and walls for recreational vehicles, campers and mobile homes we can efficiently support you as is one our specialized task.

We have in our production range roller coaters suitable for your needs, able to apply uniformly and with the maximum precision a wide range of single-component glue and Hot-Melt PU polyurethane adhesives.

For recreational vehicles, we are able to provide gluing solutions with roller coaters whosewidth can exceed 3,500mm, as well as the necessary accessories to complete the process: calenders, compounding and handling systems. Over time, we have transformed the way these components are produced, creating a recognized standard in this specific field.

Our precision coating machines, used in the production of automotive interior components, must be extremely precise, reliable, and able to work continuously 24 hours a day.
A fast and punctual spare parts service ensures a continuous workflow without interruptions and we provide remote diagnostics services on request via tele-assistance and on-site if necessary.

All our roller gluers can be equipped with an automatic glue feeding system and a specific sensor (according to the adhesive used) will allow to maintain an optimal working level.


Cleaning the product before the gluing phase is essential in order to obtain quality products free of surface defects.
For this purpose we propose tangential brushing machines capable of capturing and eliminating free processing residues such as cutting and milling from the upper, lower or both surfaces.

The brushing machine is available as a stand-alone machine or as an aggregate to be installed on existing transport systems at your production unit.

Our brushing units can be equipped with micro-nebulizers whose action allows a more efficient capture of residues as well as generating an antistatic effect. They can also be equipped with electronic electrostatic neutralizers.


For gluing processes that use Hot-Melt adhesives, in order to allow adhesion between substrate and decoration, we have in our production range roller press with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic thrust technology.

System integration

With a competent engineering staff and with our internal and independent software development resources, we are able to offer innovative solutions by combining third-party products if necessary to grant an optimal result.

We are also able to supply and integrate specific loading and unloading systems, roller or belt conveyors, composition systems, piece turners, adhesive feeding and conditioning systems.

Our strength is the customization of the process and the product that will allow you to be unique on the market with innovative and highly profitable products.