Protective film laminator with manual cut


Protective film laminator with automatic cut

TX Precision TX Precision

Protective film laminator with high precision automatic cut

Roll slitter Roll slitter

Automatic Log Slitting Machine


Double side brushing machine

Slitting and rewinding

We can meet your unwinding and rewinding needs for either the transverse or longitudinal cutting of roll materials.

Unwinders and rewinders with controlled tension able to transform the roll materials purchased or produced by you, in different lengths and sizes.

The operating speed can reach up to 300 meters / minute without any compromise on the rewinding quality, the desired length and the rewinding tension can be easily set by the synoptic available to the operator.

For longitudinal cutting needs we can offer trimming machines that can be equipped with both rotary and razor blades; also in the latter case the unwinding and rewinding tension is electronically controlled and adjustable by the operator.


We can supply a wide range of laminators for the application of permanent films on media for visual communication in order to protect and preserve images. Single and double hot roll laminators are available together with unheated version for small, medium or large production needs.

Roller laminators able to apply the film on the upper part or on both sides of the piece with maximum practicality

Working speed always electronically adjustable, rollers coated with anti-adhesive elastomer, variable lamination pressure and high-level accident prevention devices.