Water base 2 rollers glue spreader


Water base 4 rollers glue spreader with 2 motors


Water base 4 rollers glue spreader with 4 motors


Hot-melt rollers coater


Hot-melt reverse rollers coater


Polyurethane high precision rollers coater


Protective film laminator with manual cut


Protective film laminator with automatic cut

TX Precision TX Precision

Protective film laminator with high precision automatic cut


Continuous roller press unit

Roll slitter Roll slitter

Automatic Log Slitting Machine


Mono-component glue feeding unit


Automatic mixing for bicomponent glues


PU glues pre-heating unit


Glue cooling conditioning unit


Double side brushing machine


When your need is to assemble finishing components such as veneer, laminate (CPL/HPL), decorative papers, decorative plastic materials, metallic finishes, solid wood products by gluing, we have in our production range rollers glue spreader suitable for your needs able to apply uniformly and with maximum precision a wide range of water-dispersion glues such as vinyl PVA, EVA, EPI, Polyurethane PU, phenolic and urea.

Are available also a series of specific glue roll coaters machines for the application of single-component or solvent-based PU polyurethane adhesive with technical solutions that allow simple use and maintenance.

Hot-melt roll coaters have the possibility to apply hot fuses adhesive such as reactive hot-melt polyurethane glue, polyolefin adhesives, synthetic rubber-based glues, polyamide, polyester and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymers. The temperature is independent for each roller in order to ensure maximum flexibility and a pneumatic system ensures perfect seal of the bonding glue between the rollers without leakage for maximum operating economy and cleaning.

There are different types of glue roll coaters: from the simplest to the most sophisticated models, with different configurations, lengths and equipment, with structures and diameters adapted to the productions and materials to be coated, with monolayer, balanced, or reverse monolayer (i.e. in counter rotation) able to guarantee an application of very high precision, to satisfy the current needs of coupling with extremely thin and delicate materials, glossy and super matt.

For simpler applications, we have a glue spreading machine which, instead of using a dosing roller, uses a tray equipped with a glue dosing doctor blade to dose adhesive.

All our rolls coaters can be equipped with an automatic system for feeding the adhesive and a specific sensor (in accordance with the boding material used) will allow to maintain an optimal level of operation.

An automatic device for cleaning the rollers at the end of the working shift is available for all our coaters for water dispersion adhesives.

Particular care was taken during the design to allow safe use for the protection of the operator and the environment.


Cleaning wood components prior the glue application process is essential in order to obtain quality products free of surface defects.

For this purpose, we offer panels cleaner with linear brushes capable of capturing and eliminating free processing residues such as cutting, drilling and milling particle from the upper, lower or both board surfaces, available as a stand-alone unit or as an aggregate to be installed on existing conveyor systems present at your production unit.

They are equipped with micro-nebulizers whose action allows a more efficient capture of residues as well as generating an antistatic effect which can be further enhanced by highly efficiency electronic electrostatic neutralizers and/or air blower to process drilled parts and edge panel cleaning.

Lamination and pressing

Our production includes roller laminators for the application of decorative materials in rolls which can be equipped with automatic transversal and longitudinal cutting, automatic or semi-automatic splicing of the decorative, rubber or chrome laminating rollers, or even heated rollers. They can be equipped with a mobile base on wheels to facilitate maintenance.
These laminators can be easily configured and adapted to the finishing process to be pursued, the simplicity and practicality of use guarantee high quality results and the inherent reliability ensures a long and profitable investment.

For bonding processes that use Hot-Melt adhesives, in order to allow adhesion between the support and the decoration, we have in our range of roller calenders, with mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic compression technology.


Once the finished product is obtained, surface protection is often required to preserve its quality. For this purpose we propose a series of roller laminators for the application of temporary self-adhesive protective films. The film applied on one or both sides of the piece allows to preserve the surface quality in the various stages of the process, such as during additional or subsequent processing, during transport, during handling and assembly.

The filming allows to provide a protected product preserving its value, perfect up to the end user increasing the perception of quality by the customer.

Laminators for the application of protective film can be equipped not only with a manual film cutter, but also with automatic cutting devices. Depending on the requirements, the protective film can be cut with overhang (the film protrudes longitudinally from the workpiece), to the edge (the film corresponds exactly to the length of the workpiece), or negative/reverse (the film is longitudinally shorter than the protected workpiece).

For high-productivity needs, a "Flying" cutting device with positive overhang that allows the production flow to be uninterrupted during cutting.

A knowledgeable sales representative will be able to understand your protection needs and suggest the laminator with the correct operating options.

Laminating lines

With a complete engineering staff and with our internal and independent software development resources, we are able to offer innovative solutions combining and integrating third-parts products to ensure an optimal result.

We are also able to supply loading and unloading systems, belt and roller conveyors, composition systems, piece turners, adhesive feeding and glue conditioning systems.

We apply most of adhesives directly on the wood-board or on the decorative foil allowing to extend working and process possibilities.